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Jacek Poremba is a photographer specialising in fashion, portrait and advertising photography. He is the author of many album covers, including works by Kasia Nosowska, Kora and Maria Peszek. An important element of his artistic work is his collaboration with the National Opera, which includes his work on opera posters for directors such as Mariusz Treliński and Krzysztof Warlikowski. He began his projects entitled “Portret” (Portrait) and “Krajobraz” (Landscape) during his travels to Sudan.


What makes a home?

For me, the meaning of the word ‘home’ is not just a physical concept. Home is a certain type of energy. It's not about having four walls; it’s about the people that reside within them. Because what is a home without people? It’s a deserted, sad space.

It’s people who create a home. One of my favourite feelings that I experience when I come home is a feeling of calmness, when I hear that it’s quiet. It’s a certain type of calmness, a quiet that makes you realise you can’t hear anything and that's what I love about coming home.