Text by: Lena Jeziorska

A broad imagination is essential if you want to create a vision of the future that is bright, beautiful and feasible now, but also when responding to the challenges of the future – the needs and conditions that are unknown today. It takes great determination to weave thousands of threads into a noble, wise and valuable whole. This goal is achievable by visionaries who, exercising great commitment – from beginning to end, “from design to effect”, bring their visions to life with a view not only to man, his life, relationships and the future, but also to the future of the building and the city.

Brabank, Gdańsk

Through the Brabank project, it was possible to create something that is not common in architecture. Genius loci appeared.

Brabank Gdańsk
Good architecture is supposed to bind and connect, rather than creating division. This is the beautiful truth about Brabank and it comes through in numerous aspects. It is a complex that connects the city with the river, and does so in a way that has not been seen before in the residential construction of Gdańsk, connecting a former boatbuilding and shipyard quay with the tourist route. What is also unusual is the conveniently located Brabank, combining the world of a big city with the vibe of a small and green resort, the Old Town with post-industrial areas, where the past has taken new shape and is still forming.

The complex is the result of combining excellent locations, ideal design (by the award-winning Gdynia-based architectural studio Kwadrat) and perfect execution. It impresses with its powerful value, which is difficult to measure only in terms of money. The creators have managed to come up with something special on the Motława River in Gdańsk, something that is not at all common in architecture.

The above quote is taken from the exceptional “Story about Home” album.

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