What makes a home?
We all have our own, unique answer to that question.
We started the “Story About Home” project to find out what they are.
Come and help us create it.


“We sometimes collaborate with people and brands that share the same values and have the same tastes and needs as us. This album is an example of that. We believe that in the world of creativity, 1+1 gives you more than just a mathematical equation. In creative conversations, sharing inspiration and talent allows you to create extraordinary things – just like the one we have in our hands.”



"It is the place you want to come back to,
even when you are on the best holiday."
Dina F.
"Home is the place where I am welcomed by my dog’s
wagging tail and then my cat’s lazy stretches."
Anna P.
"Home – a synthesis of life incorporated into the changing image of everyday life; the history of a family revealed through personal memorabilia, books that have been read, family paintings, photos or porcelain. A space open to the future coupled with history and modernity coexisting through generations."
Agnieszka J.
"This is a space that is alive and I live along with it. We wake up and fall asleep together. These are the emotions we experience together. It is a tender breeze of presence. It is the smells and it is the words. Clutter and order running from room to room. It is a magical place where I feel safe and secure..."
Aleksandra W.
"Home means my fortress where I enjoy moments of peace, renewal and resetting. A place for change accompanied by stability. A place abundant in the books I love and a starting point for great plans and trips. Before they become real, they are crystallised while surrounded by wardrobes, nooks and crannies, and candles, from where they crawl out into the outside world."
Monika M.
"Home is where I like to come back to. A place where I feel safe and at ease.  This is my kingdom where I can bring my ideas to life, even those most daring and creative ones that I can shape and change to my heart’s content. My home expresses me in every space and every carefully chosen object."
Wanda M.
"As far as I am concerned, home is an oasis of safety, a haven to which I return every day and a place where love burns and dreams come true. It is the foundation of my family."
Lucyna K.
"Home is the sound of children’s little feet that fills the space with love. It is a place where memories intertwine with the present. It is my safe haven where I harvest my dreams every day."
Roman C.
"Home is an ethereal bundle of memories, situations, and human relationships. Home is the emotions of its inhabitants, it is euphoria, it is laughter and tears of joy. Home is a place where we experience and live our lives, it is a place of harmony and good taste. Home is bold but not flashy."
Tomasz T.
"We each create our own home – every member of the household. Just like the design of each investment, it is created by a group of people – if it were not for them this project would not be unique. The uniqueness of the investment may vary, but it is a beautiful complement to our home. That is why I find it is so important that it is personalised..."
Piotr Ż.